Devin Arnone

Bentonville – Partner, Creative

Experienced in the film industry working for brands such as HBO, HGTV, TNT, ID and other major motion picture companies. Devin serves as partner and lead creative director. Self-growth, leadership, honesty, and good business are some key components that make up Devins’ lifestyle.

Caleb Church

Brooklyn – Partner, Social & Influence

Caleb is a full stack marketer based out of Brooklyn, NY. After starting in the advertising space as a photographer, Caleb continued to grow his skill set to specialize in influencer marketing, digital creative, lead generation, and data analytics to educate every step of the marketing process

Dallas Estes

Bentonville – Partner, Strategy & Finance

Dallas has been a key influence on some of the most iconic brands in the Consumer Products Industry, from Scotch and Post-it, to Nabisco, Oscar Meyer, Kraft, and Philadelphia. He has over a decade of leadership experience in retail market analytics, financial modeling, product and brand development, and sales strategy. His industry knowledge provides the expertise needed to navigate a marketplace dependent on disruption.

Mason Kesner

Bentonville – Partner, Development

With a decade of agency experience, Mason brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources, with an emphasis on client and project development, to the team. Leading rebranding and identity efforts for some of Arkansas’ top brands, Mason serves as lead development director for asmbly.

Chris Sparks

San Diego – Partner, Strategy

While leading strategy, analytics, and category management team’s at Sam’s Club, Mars, and Kellogg’s, Chris has consulted for dozens of top consumer brands. Chris’ pursuit of frontiers has taken him from building an urban art gallery, working with the world’s largest crystal mine, and designing elements for the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Demetrius McCullough

Bentonville – Content Team Lead, Photo

With a focus on editorial work and creative direction, Demetrius leads the photography division of our content team. Setting the standard for our photography team, Demetrius pushes boundaries for our clients in the commercial and editorial space.

Daniel Sinclair

Bentonville – Content Team Lead, Video

Daniel is a director and cinematographer with a Bachelor of Science in Video Production. His skills range from TV work to narrative and commercial. Daniel has worked with NBN, Food Network, ABC, ID, HBO, and the USDA. He has explored visual creativity through directing and shooting music videos and narrative films. Now, his commercial work brings that creativity to entities looking to connect with their audiences.

Jackson Willbanks

Bentonville – Content Team Lead, Design

Working with major brands such as Sam’s Club, Toshiba, and more, Jackson leads the design division of our content team.

Jacob Spurlock

Bentonville – Client Relations, Team Lead

Jacob serves as our lead client relations manager. He enjoys cultivating lasting relationships and understands that good partnership is simply a good, mutually beneficial, relationship.

Connor Rivaldo

Bentonville – Project Relations

Connor currently serves as the in-house Creative Designer for the Bentonville based hospitality group, Ropeswing. Connor’s diverse background in creative direction, graphic design, social management, and product management guides his role in driving results for our clients.

Josh Gibson

Bentonville – Apparel & Print Production

Josh has served as operations manger and content developer for several up-and-coming apparel brands. With his industry knowledge, Josh leads our Full-Service Production and Print Team.

Beau Scoggins

Bentonville – Project Relations

With a background in Information Technology, Beau is also a Cinematographer and Video Editor He enjoys taking client visions and translating them into digital media to support or enhance branding or digital entertainment.