Onsite Competitions

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Category Name of Competition Description
Broadcast Broadcast News Writing Students will be presented with a press briefing/information packet, and will write a news script (including: anchor pitches, VO’s, Sound bites.)
Broadcast Broadcast Anchor An Anchor/Team will be given 3 news packages. They will then write the anchor in’s and anchor outs and read it on camera. They will be judged on the ability to engage the audience, presentation and message effectiveness.
Broadcast News Challenge Students will discover an interesting news piece, and tell that story. Students will write, shoot and edit their story.
Film Short Film Students will be given a general theme; and will write, shoot and edit a short film. Details will be given upon arrival.
Production Commercial Students will create a 30 second commercial based off of a product or prompt given by the contest facilitator.
Production Festival Recap Students will work in teams to develop a festival recap over both festival days. Winner will be showcased on website to promote the festival.
Photography Humans of SCF (Photojournalism) Students will capture the story of an individual at the festival. Students may edit photos in an editing program before submission (exact specifications of allowed editing techniques will be given upon arrival.) Students will be judged on quality of photo, as well as the quality of writing.
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